Robert Markillie from Arthur Markillie Limited says:

"Our family farming business based at Trinity Hall,Walpole Highway is currently managed by my son Sam,who is the third generation to be involved in the business. I'm eternally grateful to Wheelers past and present partners for their excellent professional support in not only securing successful successions from one generation to the next,but also for being so proactive in ongoing advice,and support in our trading activity,preparing our accounts and a plethora of private financial affairs.

Their support has been much appreciated by us all and we as a family look forward with confidence,having Wheelers as a significant partner in our professional support team." 

Another of Wheeler’s long standing clients is Bow Brand. This highly specialised company is the UK’s only manufacturer of gut strings for tennis racket and harps and UK Managing Director, Carolyn Clarke, relies on the firm for a range of services including audit, management accounting and payroll. Why does she think Wheelers is so special?

“With companies operating in Italy and the United States as well as here in Britain our corporate structure is complicated, but Wheelers understands the complexity of our international connections and their interaction with the UK business. As well as the regular monthly meetings when we can discuss a range of management issues, I know that I can always rely on their availability at any time if I have a problem. Their help with Revenue investigations has been invaluable: I really don’t know how we’d cope without them.”