Computerisation and Information technology

Choosing the right accounting software can difficult if you don't have a shopping list of features that it must include. In addition, once you have purchased your software, there's the installation and setting up to sort out. For many business owners, this is the time to call for help!

We have wide experience of a range of accounting packages, and are approved Sage Accountants Club members. We will help you choose the right package for your size and type of business, and will be there to install and customise the software for you. If it's a benefit to you, we will also set up a series of export spreadsheets from the accounting package to enable you to create reports to help with planning, directors' meetings, etc.

The accounts software packages we currently support are:

  • Sageline 50
  • Sageline 100
  • Quickbooks
  • Pegasus
  • Farmplan

Contact us to enlist our help in choosing and/or setting up your accounts software.