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Mar 19, 2020

Wheelers Words: Coronavirus COVID-19

These are uncertain and unprecedented times, as Coronavirus effects the health and safety of individuals and businesses around the UK.  As a result, we are all having to make changes to the way that we work and operate, whether this be as businesses or individuals.

Wheelers have already implemented a number of measures to ensure that we are able to continue to support you through these times:

  • We have implemented a policy whereby the majority of our employees have already moved to remote working.
  • In order to protect the wellbeing of both you as clients and our employees, we have taken the decision not to hold any client meetings in our office.
  • Our reception remains open to facilitate the dropping off and collecting of documents, but we are asking all clients to make these visits to the office as expedient as possible and only where absolutely necessary.
  • With regard to on-site visits and bookkeeping, we are implementing where possible, that this is done by your Wheelers contact remotely (where the technology allows), or by way of the information being sent directly to us where possible.  As a result of these measures, we will be contacting you directly to establish how these changes can be implemented in a practical way.
  • Although we will continue to send documents out by post, it is likely that over the next few weeks more communications will revert to being by electronic means.

For those of you who are in business, I would expect that many of you have already started assessing how Coronavirus will affect your business operationally and financially.  Ultimately, businesses need to understand the key risks and the likely effects on the business’ future income streams.  Some businesses may have business interruption insurance and it may be sensible to talk to your respective brokers to understand what is covered through such policies.

Please see the link below which is a very useful Government website with information on the help available.

Ultimately our aim is to continue,  as far as possible, to be business as usual providing support for you and your businesses.  It is likely, over the coming weeks, that many businesses will need to access additional funding, whether this be through the business support, HMRC time to pay arrangements, additional bank financing or other sources of capital likely to be put in place in the near future.